What is iPartyRadio?

IPARTYRADIO is a high energy TOP 40 RHYTHM leaning radio mix show, created by mixshow vet WILL CALDER (APD/MD WPOW Miami), that truly mirrors the sounds of what’s happening in today’s nightlife vibe while maintaining familiarity and balance to keep your your female 18-34 listeners engaged.

IPARTYRADIO is 5 hours weekly, delivered daily, perfect for lunch & drive times! IPARTYRADIO specializes in today’s POP, RHYTHM and DANCE hits along with your favorite OH WOW throwbacks, featuring many of the mash-ups & remixes and transitions heard in todays mainstream clubs. Programming and balance are key with PPM friendly clocks and alternate segment options based upon whether your needs lean more pop or rhythm.

Available in both HOSTED and UN-HOSTED versions, you’ll have the option to create your own party with our mixes or let us bring the complete party package to you!

Now you at least want to hear a demo, right?

Segment from the week of August 25, 2014 – Segment A

Segment from the week of August 25, 2014 – Segment B

Segment from the week of August 25, 2014 – Segment B (Alternate)

Segment Cue Sheet
Segment Cue Sheet (Alternate Version)

Here’s what some of our current clients are saying about IPARTYRADIO!

Power 96 Miami

The POWER FREE LUNCH FIX (IPARTYRADIO) is FIRE! How you put it together day in and day out in such a spectacular way is incredible.  It truly gives POWER 96 the edge during the mid-day. Just the right combination of currents, re-currents, new music and gold!

Pio Ferro, Program Director, WPOW – Power 96 Miami – 5/27/14

103.7 Kiss FM MilwaukeeSome of our highest rated hours of the week come from IPARTYRADIO…the mixes are unique, hit-oriented, and very format compatible. If you’re looking for a Mix Show, you gotta have this one!

Brian Kelly, Program Director, WXSS – 103.7 Kiss FM Milwaukee – 6/4/14

95.9 Kiss FMWe got ratings back from spring and (IPARTYRADIO) mixes are the most listened to hours of the day 18-34F. I would say things are great!

Joe Marroe, Music Director, WKSZ – 95.9 Kiss FM Green Bay Appleton Fox Cities – 8/4/14


Cash and Barter available. Contact us for more info.

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ipartyradioWhat is iPartyRadio?